Scarlett Johansson Covers Jeff Buckley -- Why?

Scarlett Johansson, you are a lovely young actress. Why is it also your mission to prove to the world that you are a singer?

First, you sang at Coachella with the Jesus and Mary Chain, which was OK because you were hardly audible, and it was that song from "Lost in Translation." Then you released that Tom Waits cover album — because you have a deep voice? Some people thought it was OK, but I just don't think someone new to music should tackle anything that weighty.

When we spoke to you in December, you said you probably wouldn't want to do another album of covers. Instead, you'd tackle your own original material. That might be interesting, since your life certainly can't be boring, and you might have some insights to share about being a hot young Hollywood star.

Which is why I was so disappointed to hear that you just covered Jeff Buckley's "Last Goodbye." First off, is that the only Jeff Buckley song you know? And second, you covered the song for the soundtrack of your new movie, "He's Just Not That Into You," a movie that, according to the trailers, says MySpace is the new booty call. What year is it that people are a) still using MySpace and b) still using the term "booty call"? We're pretty sure this was never how Jeff Buckley intended his music to wind up.

Maybe if you want to be taken seriously as a singer, you could do what you said you would and try writing some of your own songs. Or, you could just stick to being a pretty actress. We'd be OK with option B.