John Forte Discusses Life After Prison In Online Video And Memoir

By Daniela Capistrano

Rapper and former Fugees producer John Forté, who was recently released halfway through a 14-year sentence, debuted a new video today called "Life Has Just Begun" along with an exclusive recount of his first day out of prison.

In "Life Has Just Begun," a cinéma vérité-style video promoting the acoustic ballad, Forté is overheard calling his mother for the first time after being released and seen reuniting with friends and family.

Along with harrowing details of his living conditions in prison, the memoir on describes his transition into a world now full of "BlackBerry addiction and iPod accessorizing." Forté recalls using his new gadgets to call "a half-dozen people who fought tirelessly in my defense over the years."

The artist was convicted in 2001 of "possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute," and after many appeals, he had his sentence commuted by President George W. Bush on December 22.