Ryan Cabrera Rocks For The Faithful

By Nicole Tahan

I woke up Friday morning to a text from my mother: "Get up! Ryan Cabrera's playing near us tonight at 8!" I immediately jumped out of bed and ran out the door to drive home. Being a huge fan of Ryan, I would never pass up the opportunity to watch him play. Plus, I just heard that he finally ditched those long locks and shaved!

Being an MTV News intern, I realized there was a possibility that I could land an interview with Ryan — and I was successful! I got to speak with Ryan, Zack Hexum from his band (younger brother of 311's Nick Hexum) and show opener, Jesse Ruben, a 22-year-old singer from the Philadelphia area whose debut album is called Aiming for Honesty.

Jesse Ruben, Me, Ryan Cabrera, Nicole Guanlao and Zack Hexum

Ryan said he's excited to start writing his new album, and is even more excited to be touring for his fans. He didn't reveal exactly who he'll be collaborating with on the album, but he did say he'd be working with lots of "different" artists to get a fresh new sound. "I want to start off with a clean slate," he said. "New manager, new label." He also said he recently attended the Sundance festival and "absolutely loved it."

The show I saw was part of what Cabrera's calling his "10 Shows in 11 Days" mini-tour — get the full dates at RyanCabrera.com.