Killers' 'Spaceman' Video: What On Earth Is Brandon Flowers Wearing?

Much like the song it is presumably designed to promote, the video for the Killers' new single, "Spaceman," is a total disaster — and I mean that in the best way possible.

It's difficult to say just what is the weirdest thing about the new clip, which was directed by Day-Glo auteur Ray Tintori (who also did MGMT's "Time to Pretend"): The bizarre, backward-walking sorta-centaur at the beginning? The space-age wedding-cake stage loaded with dancers in unitards? The fact that it looks like the total budget was about $27?

Well, yes. But also, no. Because, after repeated (like, eight) viewings, I've determined that the most WTF thing in the "Spaceman" video is undoubtedly, without question, 100 percent Brandon Flowers' off-the-charts outfit, which appears to be made out of little more than red Lycra, gigantic shoulderpads, feathers and a codpiece (it also sort of looks like the Flash, only if the Flash were wearing sweatpants).

And while I'm assuming that Flowers is just following in the grand tradition of David Bowie and Marilyn Manson by adopting some sort of "Space Oddity" persona, it doesn't mean that I can't still be positively amazed by his sartorial choices. I mean, rock stars just don't do this kind of thing anymore, which might actually be a good thing.

Feeling inspired, I decided to jot down a couple of things that Flowers' "Spaceman" costume reminded me of — you know, to pay tribute to his momentous achievement in rock pageantry. And spandex. Yeah, that's it.

» A sort of pansexual version of the Legion of Doom

» A 22nd-century rooster

» James Caan in "Rollerball"

» A very Euro Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

» A guy trying very hard to make people forget the mustache-and-bolo-tie era of Sam's Town