What Do Katy Perry And Kelly Clarkson Have In Common? They Don't 'Hook Up'

Maybe the girl-pop world is taking inspiration from President Barack Obama's renewed interest in green technology, but for whatever reason, there's a lot of song recycling going on lately.

First there was Britney Spears covering "American Idol" wannabe Joanna Pacitti's "Out From Under" on her Circus album. Now comes word that the original "Idol," Kelly Clarkson, is rehashing a Katy Perry castoff for her upcoming album.

According to Perez Hilton, Clarkson has reheated "I Do Not Hook Up," a song written by Perry three years ago with new "Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi and producer Greg Wells. Though representatives for Clarkson and Perry did not return e-mails requesting comment, Hilton claims that Clarkson has reimagined the song for her All I Ever Wanted comeback album.

"Hook Up" seems custom-made for Clarkson, with opening lyrics begging a train-wreck boyfriend to put down the bottle and get it together amid warnings that "boys will be boys." The song has a driving pop-rock energy and a sing-songy chorus that paints the singer as a hard-to-get girl who doesn't come cheap. "Oh, no, I do not hook up, up/ I go slow, so if you want me, I don't come cheap/ Keep your thing in your pants/ And your heart on your sleeve," Perry sings in her demo version of the song.

Wanted has already raised hopes that Clarkson can bounce back from the disappointment of her My December album, mostly thanks to the already-hit first single, "My Life Would Suck Without You." It helps, of course, that "Suck" sounds quite a bit like Clarkson's breakthrough hit "Since U Been Gone" and leaves the heavier guitars and somber lyrics of December behind.

But it gets better. A couple of weeks ago, Idolator suggested that another Perry track, "Long Shot," might also be on the Clarkson album, whose track list has not yet been announced. The quirky, breathless tune has Perry frantically hiccoughing lyrics about — what else? — an overwhelming love. "It's a long shot/ Just to beat the odds/ The chance is we won't make it/ But I know if I don't take it, there's no chance," Perry sings over a pseudo-ska-rock backing track.