Kanye West's Louis Vuitton Sneakers Inspired By Sci-Fi

By Steven Roberts

If you happened to look over at Kanye West's blog in the past week, you know that he had the time of his life at Paris Fashion Week. He sat front row at many of the shows. He even said he's changing his name to Martin Louis the King, Jr. And he took a lot of pictures — sort of like that girl on Facebook who constantly updates her profile with pictures from the night before.

But what's most importantly (that's a line from "Kanye's Workout Plan," not bad grammar, by the way) is that he had the chance to collaborate with Louis Vuitton and design a pair of sneakers. His kicks were even featured on the Louis Vuitton runway.

He told Dazed Digital that the sneakers were inspired by science-fiction. "They've got a sci-fi influence with this flap up at the back," West said. "It came from a scene in 'Dune' where there was this jacket with a huge collar. Also, Japanese pop art."

West didn't stop there, however. He designed a pair of high-top sneakers as well. They feature a pink sole and two straps across the ankle and top of the foot. I'm not sure what inspired these, and I'm not going to even guess — did you really see anything "Dune"-inspired from the sneakers on the runway?

West also took the time out to design a shoe for the ladies. "I couldn't do a collection without including the ladies ... I used to shop for the perfect sneaker for my girlfriend," he wrote in all caps (adjusted for your reading pleasure). "It may not seem like it sometimes, but I do it for the 'hood!!! I go hard! I begged them to make these!!!"

He typed that mad hard on his MacBook Air for you, ladies.