Dude Flubs Chance -- Er, Chace -- Crawford's Name In Homeless PSA

There's no way we're going to slight Chace Crawford from "Gossip Girl" for doing his part to help homeless people. It's fantastic that he took the time out to tape a PSA for the "Teens for Jeans" campaign and we commend him.

But we are going to slight the dude in the PSA outtakes that leaked online recently for not taking the time to familiarize himself with the perfectly coifed Crawford's name. In it, an unidentified gentleman refers to Chace as "Chance."

The actor was cool about it, telling the guy, "It's all right ... it's all right. The 'c' messes everyone up. Just throw that 'n' in there."

And while that flub was apparently unintentional, we are puzzled by the line that appears in the actual PSA: "One in three homeless people in America are homeless." Since it seems the Department of Redundancy Department is probably not ruling that ad agency, we're assuming that one was intentional.

In the outtakes, Chace later acknowledges he has a bit of a memory problem, so we have a suggestion to fix that.

We here in the newsroom have a fabulous robot-like coffee maker. One of the options is the raspberry-spark-flavored tea, which also has gingko biloboa in it. I'd be happy to help Chance — er, Chace — make a cup of it. Ginkgo is known to aid in memory retention.

That offer, Chace, is an open invitation and you are free to stop by whenever and I will gladly whip you up some raspberry spark. So, when are you free?