Kanye West, Jay-Z Rock Wacky Fashions For Inauguration

By Jayson Rodriguez

We all know Kanye’s got a little bit of Björk in him, so if he’s going to look a little Billy Ocean-ish with his ’do — that weird afro-mullet he sported Tuesday night at the Youth Ball — he can get a pass. Slightly.

MTV’s Rahman Dukes was sitting next to me in the office during the show and, well, let’s say he’s not as generous with the passes. Kanye’s ’fro is growing at a Chia Pet rate, and he needs to figure it out quick: to ’fro or no? He’s treading on dangerous (fashion) ground with that toeing-the-line look. Maybe he should just follow Rah’s advice: Cornrow that ish up already!

Jay-Z, on the other hand, has been sporting those black-rimmed specs a little too tough lately. At a Knicks game, cool. To the “Notorious” premiere, no sweat. But when Hov started rocking them around D.C., he went a little too far. Last night was like seeing Superman with gray hair in his wavy black tresses. There was Jay, live on TV, performing his track “History” in concert for the first time — and if the sight of an MC rapping in a tux wasn’t weird enough, with those Urkel glasses? Ow. We winced, knowing the hip-hop blogs were gonna cut him up the next morning. Earlier in the day, he had ’em on but with a Russian “Spies Like Us” hat (it was cold out, but c’mon), and he looked more like a United Nations scientist than CEO of the R-O-C.

See photos of the two rappers here as well as Kanye and Jay-Z’s performances at the inaugural balls after the jump.

Kanye West Performs At The Youth Ball:


Jay-Z Performs At The Neighborhood Ball:


To Roc-A-Fella’s D.C. edition, here’s what we say: ’Ye, yay; Hov, nay.

What do you think about their looks? Let us know!

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