Miley Cyrus’ Inaugural Fashion Misstep

By Nicole Guanlao

So, finally, the Cheetah Girls movie is over … it’s time for the “Kids’ Inaugural: We Are the Future” concert on the Disney Channel! So who should kick off the concert? Miss Miley Cyrus, of course! Now, it might have been a great performance and she might have sounded amazing, but I was just too distracted by her red dress and her puffy updo.

I would like to quote my feisty co-worker Jocelyn Vena: “It looks like her dress was for her mom.”

I’m a Miley fan — although I’ve been slowly swaying to Demi Lovato for the past few months — but, girlfriend, what were you thinking wearing that dress? You’re youthful, vibrant and young! As a former teenager who went shopping six months before prom for a dress, I know there are plenty of gowns that won’t make a teenage girl look like she’s trying too hard. Dress aside, let’s discuss the hair: It was a bit too disheveled for my taste (a.k.a two-minute updo). I expect my Miley to be impeccable. It was almost as bad as Billy Ray Cyrus coming onstage yelling, “Are you ready for Obama?” (Actually, I lied.)

Her “Fly on the Wall” performance showed the Miley we all love — she was in her element and rocking out. She looked hip and cool and 16! She’s a beautiful girl, and I’m sure there are gowns out there that can make her look elegant and youthful at the same time. I totally understand she was kicking off the concert and singing a powerful song, so a nice gown would be fitting, but let’s get a little hipper — my vote goes for a light blue or red backless gown with some sequins or anything that sparkles. Give me more sparkles! We all know how much girls love all things that sparkle!


What do you think? Was Miley’s red dress and updo fab or drab? What would you have liked to see her in? Tell us!