Move Over, 'Bikini Girl': 'American Idol' Hopeful Casey Carlson Has Her Own Bathing-Suit Pics

It typically takes a few weeks, sometimes months, before "American Idol" has its first naughty-picture scandal of the season. Two seasons ago, Antonella Barba made it all the way to the top 24 before being eliminated for her subpar singing just a few weeks after a series of suggestive pictures of her made headlines.

And now, just two episodes in, Casey Carlson has set some kind of "Idol" record for being, um, exposed as a bikini model for a Web site called Campus Girls USA. The 20-year-old singer, who was seen on the Wednesday night episode of the show, took a detour to the Virgin Islands before going to Los Angeles for the Hollywood round to shoot a series of sexy shots for a site that promotes "82 Gorgeous College Students."

Today, the University of Minnesota student just happened to be the cover girl on the site, which, it must be noted, claims to donate 100 percent of profits to breast-cancer research.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue-style fashion photos are certainly nothing that you'd think would impact Carlson's bid on the show, especially after a well-received audition in which she sang "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton. While, unlike some people, the advertising/ public relations major didn't wear a bikini to the audition, the judges seemed especially charmed by her, with Simon Cowell smirking, "I like you ... you've got a good vibe about you," and Kara DioGuardi adding, "I see a package here."

Yes, she's a pretty face, but Carlson seems serious about music too, saying in a test interview for the Campus Girls site, "Music is the part in my life that makes me tick. ... If I didn't have music in my day, I would go crazy. I'd go nuts! ... My dream job, really, would be to sing and dance on Broadway."