Mitchel Musso's 'In Crowd' Video Set Was High School All Over Again

By Matt Elias

Mitchel MussoWhen I ventured onto the set for Mitchel Musso’s video for "The In Crowd," it was kind of like reliving high school. There were extras running all over set in stereotypical high school garb — The jock! The nerd! The rocker! — although my high school wasn’t really like that. It was more like the John Hughes high school I never went to. (Wait, is that going too far back? Okay, it was more like the "High School Musical" I never went to.) So as I was looking at this crowd of high school kids that I didn’t really recognize, there was actually one kid who stood out. No, not "the big man on campus," but actually one of Mitchel’s bandmates. But it wasn’t until I asked him, "Dude, where do I know you from?" that I got my answer. His name is Leland Grant and he was on a VH1 reality show a few years ago called "In Search Of The Partridge Family" – this guy. While he won the top spot there as the new Keith Partridge (beating out Teddy Geiger), these days he spends his time as a behind-the-scenes guy for Mitchel Musso. He had a heavy hand in the production of Mitchel’s album, and might be putting out his own work in the near future. Perhaps he’ll be one of our top rookies for 2010.