Tina Fey Haters Tell Her To ‘Suck It’ Right Back

You know how they say revenge is a dish best served … in front of millions of people and your Hollywood peers?

OK, maybe that’s not how that one goes, but Tina Fey proved one thing at Sunday night’s Golden Globes: Liz Lemon’s alter ego may be a world-famous actress/ writer/ producer/ Sarah Palin doppelgänger who makes the cover of Vanity Fair and seems to be living the dream, but she still obsesses over what anonymous hacks post about her online as much as she did about the mean girls in high school.

Fey blasted some hilarious buckshot at some of her more vocal detractors during an acceptance speech Sunday night for Best Actress in a TV Series – Comedy for her work on “30 Rock,” instantly topping the night’s sound-bite library by telling previously anonymous dissers BabsonLacrosse, DianeFan and Cougar Letter to “suck it!”

DianeFan didn’t take it sitting down, jumping on the Los Angeles Times’ “Gold Derby Forums” and blasting back, “I’m famous. She mentioned BabsonLacrosse too. Sorry Tina Fey but I still don’t think you deserved to win.” And, when told she was totally pwned by Fey in front of millions by another poster, she defended herself by saying, “I don’t think I’m a clown at all.”

According to Gawker, this turf battle has been brewing for months, as DianeFan (who used to be known as “cougar-letter”) and BabsonLacrosse have been tossing grenades at the bespectacled TV dynamo since the former “Saturday Night Live” star returned to her old stomping grounds for her now-infamous take on former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

“I think there are lots of choices other than Tina. Megan Mullally, Sarah Silverman, Teri Hatcher, Shannen Doherty,” DianeFan reportedly posted in September. ” … Not everyone has to think that Tina Fey is the be-all and end-all. … I simply think all of those actresses have some spunk in them that could work.”

A month later, the knives really came out, when, posting as Cougar-letter, she wrote that Fey would make a “dreadful host” for the Oscars and came back several weeks later on the official “30 Rock” season-three thread that “Tina Fey was simply like the pimple on my face — just there.”

But things got really vicious in December, after the Globe nominations were announced. The disgruntled poster opined, “I just hope they give the win to anyone but Tina Fey. Boy, I can’t wait until Edie Falco comes back on the scene just to wipe that smug look off Tina’s face.”

And though BabsonLacrosse (who now goes as KateWinsGG) has not been as harsh, praising Fey as one of the “2 best comedic actresses on TV right now” when the Globe nominations were announced, she did agree with DianeFan in January when she posted, “Fey, if she wins, might as well start thanking Sarah Palin, because while I like Fey on ’30 Rock,’ she’s certainly won enough for it as of now.”

Tina, a bit of unsolicited advice: In the future, do what I do when my editor insists on a story “RIGHT NOW!!!” Ignore, ignore, ignore.