Taylor Swift And Neil Patrick Harris: America’s Newest Comedy Duo?

When we caught wind that MTV favorite Taylor Swift was going to be the show’s musical guest, we jumped at the opportunity to stop by rehearsals and get a first-hand look at what happens just days before the show goes live. It also didn’t hurt that the show’s host is Neil Patrick Harris.

It was interesting being in the “Saturday Night Live” studio at 30 Rock — it’s much smaller than it appears live from New York every Saturday night. But you get the sense that comedy magic is brewing in that room. We arrived just as Taylor was finishing up her soundcheck, but we had the opportunity to catch a bunch of other fantastic moments.

We got a little peek at one of the sketches set to possibly air on Saturday — Neil plays David Frost and spoofs the film “Frost/Nixon” by interviewing other famous people of the ’70s.  It was really funny, so hopefully it will make it to air.  We also had the opportunity to meet one of the newer castmembers, Bobby Moynihan, who, needless to say, made us chuckle a few times.

Neil and Taylor made us all laugh pretty hard when they taped their promos, set to air in the days before the show’s live taping at 30 Rock. In one promo, TV vet Neil Patrick Harris tries to teach young Taylor Swift the subtleties of working in TV — he lets her know it involves a lot of waiting.


In the next promo, Taylor tells Neil that “Doogie Howser, M.D.” used to make her cry. Neil seems moved by the revelation, until she admits it’s because she was a baby when the show was on. Wah wah!


Do you think that Taylor and Neil are funny together? Let us know!