Lil Wayne Makes A Super Bowl Pick, Talks Grillz On ESPN’s ‘1st And 10’

We’ve known Lil Wayne to be a sports fanatic for a long time — he even joined our MTV News Fantasy Football League a couple of years back — but he’s been taking his knowledge of all things athletic a step further since September by blogging for ESPN the Magazine.

This morning, Weezy appeared on the network’s “1st and 10” — looking surprisingly clean-cut and seeming uncharacteristically focused — to debate the network’s strongly opinionated and extremely knowledgeable Skip Bayless one-on-one on a variety of topics. (Read about another Lil Wayne interest — voice-overs — here.) Wayne held his own throughout the two-hour appearance and even made his pick for the Super Bowl (Baltimore Ravens topping the Philadelphia Eagles) and proudly told a caller that he could, indeed, make the “Lambeau Leap” fully padded.

The show was filled with semi-awkward banter from Bayless, who fawned over the star’s grillz and his music (Skip’s favorite song off Tha Carter III is apparently “Monster”). And there was even a music video Bayless shot to top things off, complete with terribly cheesy white rappers going on about how awesome Bayless is.

(Watch Weezy’s “1st and 10” introduction after the jump!)


Ah, the strangeness that occurs when sportscasters meet musicians.

Wayne’s introduction at the top of the show is just a small taste of all the fun that was had.

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