MTV News Staff Favorites Of 2008: Joe DeShano’s Top 10 Movies

We here at MTV News are a pretty diverse bunch, so the views expressed by some in our more official-type year-end lists (like James Montgomery’s Top 25 Albums and Best Songs, and the Mixtape Monday Awards) are not necessarily shared by the rest of the newsroom. So, this week we gave everyone else a chance to chime in with their own lists and explain (or defend) their choices. You’ll find the staff faves of 2008 all together here.

By Joe DeShano, Video Editor

10. “Bolt”: Rhino!!!

9. “Doubt”: The verbal sparring between Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep is worth the price of admission alone.

8. “Milk”: The movie, brilliantly acted, drove home a story of struggle not often seen in film. It’s interesting to see how a movie made about the late ’70s is still so relevant and poignant today.

7. “Mama Mia”: The most audacious camp I’ve seen in a long time. The “Rocky Horror” for this generation.

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6. “Iron Man”: It’s all about Robert Downey Jr. and how awesome he is. Great action, but without Downey this movie would fall flat.

5. “Changeling”: Angelina Jolie is amazing. The movie is riveting. Reminded me a little of “Frailty,” but that’s a good thing.

4. “Twilight”: I find myself kind of surprised that “Twilight” is in my top 10. And what’s it doing at #4? Well, I remember a movie back in 1989 that got fans really excited. Long lines of people dressed like the characters. Everyone was excited about its particular genre again. That was Tim Burton’s “Batman.” What a glorious day that was. This movie is that for the younger, female generation. What’s better is that it isn’t necessarily some sappy love story. There’s action and vampires and, yeah, a love interest, but there are also subplots and interwoven texture, which are rare to the vampire genre. I actually liked this film a lot and love that it became a big hit, despite all odds. Good job, “Twilight” folks. I look forward to the sequel.

3. “Dark Knight”: I’m a Batman fan … a Batman fanatic. I know more about Batman than any other superhero. I have more comics about him than I probably should admit. I loved “The Killing Joke.” I loved “Batman: The Long Halloween.” I loved this movie. R.I.P., Heath Ledger. You brought the true (preferred?) nature of the Joker to the big screen. For that, I’m eternally grateful.

2. “Wall-E”: Pixar is magic. The company that continues to push what animation can accomplish has brought us a masterpiece. Disney should be grateful to have such a movie-making powerhouse. For me, “Wall-E” is a fantastical story about robots that shows us how disconnected humans can be when we stop paying attention to how lucky we all really are.


1. “Slumdog Millionaire”: Sparingly, a movie comes along that makes you think, “This is why movies are made.” This is one of those. It’s a piece on Indian culture told through the eyes of an unassuming hero with very real issues, explained through very unusual circumstances. Anything more said about the film would do it, and you, injustice, robbing you of your own personal visceral experience. Just go see it.

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