Diddy Carries His Own Umbrella These Days ...

By Elena Torres

On Wednesday morning I got to meet one of the biggest (and most ever-changing) names in hip-hop history: Diddy. We visited him on the set of "CSI: Miami," where the mogul will have a two-episode guest spot as a power attorney. "It was definitely a better feeling being the lawyer than being the defendant," Diddy noted.

"CSI: Miami," like many shows on television, films nowhere near Miami. The hit show shoots in Manhattan Beach, just outside Los Angeles, and on Wednesday it happened to be pouring rain. So there I was at 8 a.m., standing in the rain — which we Californians are not used to! — and I looked over and saw Diddy walking around the set. Immediately, I noticed something was off. Suddenly it clicked: He was carrying his own umbrella!

That's right, the man who made another man famous for holding an umbrella over his head wherever he went (i.e. Farnsworth Bentley), was walking around carrying his own. There he was, chatting on his BlackBerry like any other guy, keeping himself dry. Farnsworth Bentley has even released his own line of umbrellas, just because we have all seen him carrying umbrellas over Diddy's head. But today, Diddy had no bow-tie-wearing, umbrella-carrying sidekicks in sight.

It's one thing if Diddy flies commercial, but I don't know how I feel about seeing him hold his own umbrella. What is the world coming to?

Stay turned for more from our visit to the "CSI: Miami" set with Diddy in the coming days!