Russell Brand Wants To Kiss The Jonas Brothers On New Years

Russell BrandIn an apparent effort to prove that despite losing his controversial BBC Radio 2 show in October, he's still one wild and irreverent guy, Russell Brand is once again picking on the Jonas Brothers. When asked him whom he'd like to kiss at midnight on New Years Eve, the British comedian and former VMA host quipped: "I think all of the Jonas Brothers."

"But very gently and consensually," he added at the Los Angeles premiere of "Bedtime Stories" on Thursday. (Please keep in mind that Nick Jonas is only 16 and Brand is 33, so it's really sort of a creepy statement to make.)

OK, yeah, we get it, the Jonas Brothers, who will spend New Years Eve in New York City along with Taylor Swift, are supposedly virgins. Are we still going to make a big deal about it?

For those of you not keeping score, Brand took a few jabs at the Jonas Brothers during the September VMA broadcast, which he was hosting, for wearing "purity" rings pledging their abstinence. Then, during the show, Jordin Sparks spoke out against the comedian's remarks. Even Paris Hilton stepped in and defended the boys. Brand later apologized to the boys, and the Jonas Brothers later accepted.

Interestingly, this whole abstinence thing doesn't mean they haven't had their fair share of ladies. So, Russell, you might have to wait in line for that New Years kiss.