Coldplay's Chris Martin Admits To Plagiarism! (But No, Not Of That Song)

Now, I'm not a lawyer. Hell, I barely made it through college. But I'm going to go ahead and say that Coldplay's Chris Martin may have just dug his legal grave. See, Coldplay, as you may have read, are being sued by guitarist Joe Satriani, who claims their song "Viva la Vida" bears an uncanny resemblance to his earlier instrumental "If I Could Fly."

Martin and the band denied the charges, but on Thursday, the singer appeared on the BBC Radio 1's "The Chris Moyles Show" and practically admitted to plagiarism. Only the rip-off he copped to was not of Satriani, but of late singer Jeff Buckley.

"It's a blatant Jeff Buckley attempt," Martin said of the 2000 Coldplay song "Shiver." "Not quite as good, that's what I think. We were 21, and he was very much a hero, and as with those things it tends to filter through."

Again, I'm no legal scholar, but when you're being accused of stealing someone's riffs, common sense dictates that maybe you keep your trap shut about other songs you've released that are open rips of someone's sound. Just a thought.