We Pick 'Twilight' Fans As 2008 Woman Of The Year: Do You Agree?

By Brian Jacks

In a year when Britney made her comeback, Miley became an even bigger star and Katy Perry kissed a girl, a lot of women made a lot of news. But no one made a bigger impression on us than the female fans of "Twilight."

This passionate fanbase consumed every scrap of news, screamed their heads off for an entire year and managed to help a relatively small flick make over $150 million at the box office. And that's why we're naming them our 2008 Woman of the Year.

But please don't despair, music fans. We have nine other spots on our top 10 list, filled with everyone from Britney to Taylor (Swift, not Lautner, as if you didn't know). You can read our six through 10 picks here and our five through two picks here.

If you count yourself among the female Twilighter community, we'd like to hear (and see) your reaction now, so go film your acceptance speech, head over to our YouRHere site and upload your video (you can get more detailed instructions here). We'll be picking some of the best to use on air and online.

And the rest of you, please continue to sound off about your own top picks below.