Maybe Aubrey O'Day's Real Preference Is For Publicity?

Aubrey O'DayIt's certainly no secret that sex sells, and that today's audiences are ripe for, er, titillation. So could it be that Aubrey O'Day is using her claims of bisexuality to gain more press and exposure?

Ms. O'Day is undoubtedly media-savvy enough to know that such a claim is going to get her attention and yet more media exposure — which certainly could be the motivation behind her recent claim of bisexuality. After going to a couple of parties with girls and reportedly referring to one as her "girlfriend," it makes sense that Aubrey might see that as a way to keep attention on herself as she works out her post-Danity Kane career.

So what do you think? Is Aubrey really is bisexual, or is it a ploy for attention? Sound off below!