Madonna Wipes Out Onstage In Rio!

MadonnaHer name might not be Rio, but she sure danced like she was on a pile of sand.

Madonna took her Sticky & Sweet Tour down to Rio de Janiero on a rainy night last weekend, but her footing onstage was neither sticky nor sweet: Dressed in an outfit that might have been more age-appropriate for her 12-year-old daughter Lourdes, 50-year-old Madonna took a pretty awesome nosedive.

Rain on concert days is not Madonna's friend, as anyone who's seen "Truth or Dare" can attest. And after her spill here, she did her best to pass off the fall by writhing around on the stage. This, of course, only made things more awkward.

To make matters worse, it's not like she was performing a complicated dance maneuver: She was sort of dance-walking around in what appears to be sneakers.

So we've come up for some new performance rules for the Material Girl:

1) Knee-high socks, big white sunglasses and short shorts might be cute when Lourdes wears them, but that's not where you should be getting your fashion tips from!

2) If you fall, don't writhe around — it just makes matters worse, and we doubt anybody in the audience bought it for a second.

3) Sunglasses at night are never, ever a good idea. It's dark and we're already sure your vision isn't what it used to be ...

Follow these simple rules and you won't find any more blog posts about your onstage wipeouts!