Kanye West's Singing On 'Saturday Night Live': What Did You Think?

There's the easy way, and there's Kanye's way.

Rather than staying in the platinum-dipped, award-winning lane he's already carved with his previous albums, Kanye West promised to swerve on 808s & Heartbreak, taking the bold step of trying to sing more than rap. We already know 50 Cent's not that crazy about it, and after 'Ye's appearance on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, even more people are starting to ask if maybe Yeezy bit off more than he can croon.

Without the assistance of his near-omnipresent vocoder — which he employed more heavily during his VMA debut of "Love Lockdown" in September — to massage his vocals into a robotic smoothness, West's singing abilities were laid bare during the performance, and his vocals sometimes hit flat spots amid the spare musical accompaniment. That drew some harsh criticism from a number of Web outposts, like this and this. Gawker called it "like a quiet man doing bad karaoke" and headlined its review "Kanye West Disastrously Sings Without Digital Enhancement," but when TMZ caught up with 'Ye at the airport on Sunday, he deemed his performance "good" and he was not shy about posting the footage on his blog, where poster "neeomari" referred to the version of "Lockdown" as "hands down the greatest 'SNL' performance of all time."

Kanye West - Heartless / Pinocchio Story - SNL - 12/13/2008
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So, what did you think of Kanye's singing on 'SNL'?