Brandy Proves That She’s Only Human

By Rya Backer

Remember October? Seems like decades ago, right? You didn’t know what you were going to be for Halloween, who was going to be elected president or how life was going to go on after “TRL.”

Well, it seems like when we sat down with Brandy around that time, she had bigger worries. The songstress was in town to promote her latest album, Human, which dropped today. But there was so much more to talk about than just music.

It’s worth noting that the interview was conducted by my trusty co-worker, Jocelyn, whose Jersey-inflected charm might have put Brandy at an uncharted state of ease. Brandy might have also been relaxed because Jocelyn didn’t bring up that thing that happened a few years back that … oh, I won’t further drive that point home. Whatever the case may be, here’s the point: As good as Brandy is at relaying talking points about her album and its singles, she’s equally — if not more — amazing at being pretty hilarious.

See, Brandy’s single and ready to mingle — but it appears that nobody’s ready to mingle with her. And she’s not quite sure why. So she took a moment in the big red chair to reach out to all potential suitors. Later, while on the topic of what would fill the “TRL” void, Brandy took it upon herself to introduce a video, should the network be on the prowl for any new talent.

Human, indeed.

Want to hear what Brandy has to say about her new album and how her sound has evolved? It’s all here.


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