The Top 10 Most Notorious Celebrity Parents Of 2008

By Sabrina Rojas Weiss

With Britney Spears’ career seemingly on the upswing and li’l sis Jamie Lynn lying low while raising baby Maddie Briann, it’s probably safe for their mother, Lynne Spears, to step forward and admit she was at least partly responsible for her daughters’ tumultuous lives. If things hadn’t turned out well, we wonder if she really would be taking the blame while out promoting her book, “Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World.”

To be (sort of) fair, Lynne is hardly the only, or even the worst, celebrity mother of 2008. And she seems to be trying to make up for any neglect by telling England’s Daily Mail she almost called the memoir “It’s All My Fault.” Let’s take a look back at some of the other famous moms and dads who maybe shouldn’t be writing parenting guides anytime soon.

10) Billy Ray Cyrus. Sure, he seems like the perfect dad on “Hannah Montana,” but the guy stood by during Miley’s infamous photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz and didn’t bother to question whether that was the wisest way to promote his daughter’s wholesome image. Plus, it’s kind of creepy that he’s cool with the fact that the 20-year-old underwear model he met while hosting “Nashville Star” is allegedly dating his 16-year-old daughter.

9) Madonna. Well, Madge actually seems like a pretty devoted mother most of the time she’s seen with her brood. But just two years after adopting David Banda, now 3, from Malawi, her divorce from Guy Ritchie has been splashed across the tabloids, as are her alleged exploits with Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Maybe 12-year-old Lourdes is used to being uprooted and moved about the globe, but we still feel sorry for her, David and 8-year-old Rocco.

8. Michael Lohan. He’s been known as an all-around dodgy guy for years. And yet he somehow thought it was his right to publicly call Lindsay’s girlfriend Samantha Ronson “a drug” and say she was manipulating his daughter.

7) The parents who allowed their kids to be taken care of by the “Baby Borrowers.”

6) Jeff Archuleta. You’ve got to assume that “American Idol” producers are used to annoying stage parents, so for David Archuleta’s pops to get banned from going backstage during the show, he must have been pretty overbearing.

5) Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. If the rumor that these two hot messes are reuniting turns out to be true, then they’d move way up on this list. But the photos that surfaced of 14-year-old Bobbi Kristina posing seductively and smoking pot were bad enough. Time to teach your daughter about a little thing called image control, Whitney!

4) Sarah Palin. When news broke that the teenage daughter of the Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate was pregnant, Palin did rush to Bristol’s defense and railed against the media for picking on her. But then she thrust the girl and her baby daddy into photo ops and onto the national stage every chance she got. All politics aside, shouldn’t Bristol at least have been grounded and forced to stay in school for as long as she could?

3) Rob Lowe. OK, we don’t actually know if the Brat Packer sexually harassed his kids’ nanny, but his lawsuit against her (and her subsequent countersuit) are not going to do much to help the boys’ mental health down the road.

2) Mitch Winehouse. Like Papa Lohan, Amy’s father appears to enjoy talking to the media a little too much for his concern to look sincere. I’m sure she really appreciated when he told everyone Winehouse was dying of emphysema, when really she was just in danger of developing it down the road.

1) Rufus Humphrey, Lily van der Woodsen, Bart Bass and Howie Archibald — a.k.a. the parents of “Gossip Girl.” Every time I see some talking head denouncing the show as being a bad influence on teenagers, I have to laugh and think, “What about the awful example it’s setting for rich, neglectful, self-involved and clueless parents?” Hey, it’s the holiday season; we didn’t really want to award a real person this honor anyway.

Now, let’s give this a positive spin. Who do you think were the best celeb parents of the year? Tell us!