So That's Why Pete Wentz Was Acting Weird In South America -- He'd Just Found Out Ashlee Was Pregnant

There was plenty that went on back in March, when MTV News — or, more specifically, me and an intrepid cameraman — headed down to Chile with Fall Out Boy to document their attempt to set a world record by playing a concert at a research base in Antarctica: Patrick Stump unveiled some serious acting chops, the band gave us a weather report from a Chilean hotel room, and I wrote a culturally insensitive "open letter" to Chilean Emo Kids that offended the entire nation.

And though FOB's attempt to set the world record came up short — they never made it to Antarctica due to some nasty weather — there was one other amazing thing that materialized from the trip: Apparently, Pete Wentz found out Ashlee Simpson was pregnant when we were down there.

This is according to an interview Wentz gave to Details magazine, in which he calls the pregnancy a "happy accident" and says Simpson called him while he was in Chile and then e-mailed him a photo of the pregnancy test for proof (which is kind of nasty).

Anyway, we have no evidence that this is true ... though, to be honest, Wentz was acting kind of weird the entire time we were down there. Though that could have been due to the fact that he was trapped in a hotel surrounded by thousands of screaming Chilean girls.

Regardless, here's some video from the trip — Wentz looks pretty stressed, so maybe you can just imagine he's talking about his impending fatherhood and not, you know, the failure of his super-expensive attempt to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.