Kanye Unveils Stage Design, Makes My Job Easier

Kanye WestThe early morning hours can be a bit lonely around here. Waking up before the sun, I sometimes shake off the cobwebs hours before the news does. Which is why I love Kanye West.

When in doubt, I can always click over to his blog and find pictures of Japanese-food-cooking robots, lamps that look like clouds, or sketches of the stage for his next tour and a personal thank-you from 'Ye for making 808s & Heartbreak the #1 album. Instant news!

" 'Love Lockdown' has sold 1.3 million so far on iTunes and 'Heartless' and 'See You in My Nightmares' sold over one hundred thousand each last week," West announced on Wednesday.

Even better, the never-shy rapper turned crooner predicted that "this is only the beginning," saying that his move into singing is "a new frontier for me and music. All the mixed opinions [We're looking at you, 50 Cent] will be over by next summer when I'm closing festivals and everyone is singing okaaay … okay. Okaaaaayee .. You'll never stop it now!!!! You'll never stop it now!!!! Or you worried bout the wrong things, the wrooong thiiings!!!!"

As for the sketch, Kanye just gave us a taste, with a banner at the bottom of the page that cryptically reads "ext stage for next tour! Tentatively titled ... Ye vs. th." And that's it. The stage setup, from what we can tell, looks like a glowing white disc surrounded by pyramid-like columns that bend in toward the middle. My guess at what the production is called? "Ye vs. the Volcano." Please, please let me be riiiighttt!!!!