Britney Spears Fans Aren't All Crazy, And They Don't Hate Us!

When I was asked to participate in an MTV special in which I'd discuss the Britney Spears documentary "For the Record" with some of her biggest fans, I was excited but super-nervous about the freaks I'd no doubt meet. I figured it'd be a bunch of Chris Crocker clones and possibly even that dude with the dollhouse on his head.

Thankfully, the MTV casting department did a helluva job finding devoted Spears fans who were intelligent, well-spoken, witty and totally not nuts. They were not simple sycophants who blindly worshipped every little thing their idol has ever done. They acknowledged Brit's missteps, criticized some of her past decisions and had unique insights into her career.

That's not to say there weren't any dustups. Show host Damien Fahey almost got mauled to death when he quipped about Britney's bald days. And the audience was not a fan of my "What happened to Madonna's face?" dis. But they only booed me once, which is kind of astounding when you consider that I was there to provide some "honest" commentary and a little joke here and there. So what was the offending punch line that caused the place to erupt in a chorus of hell-to-the-nos? It was when I jokingly said Britney's assistant deserved a raise for telling her not to buy that Carrie Bradshaw shirtdress catastrophe. Apparently, these Britney fanatics are also big fans of hellacious fashion choices.

In the end, it was a great day in the studio. During commercial breaks I got their thoughts on Brit's new album, Circus, and whether it was better than Blackout. Their general consensus was that Blackout was shockingly awesome considering all the, uh, drama in her life when she made it, but Circus is a nice return to form for the pop princess. We gossiped about everything from why MTV still lets Kid Rock play the VMAs (yep, he's still selling records!) to why the studio temperature is kept at, like, 14 degrees.

So, check out the post-documentary special tonight at 10:30 p.m., "Britney's Fans: For the Record," and let me know if you were as impressed with the Brit fans as I was.