Happy Birthday, Britney! Let's Party Like It's 1999!

By Andrew Millard

Fans wish Britney happy birthday.I'm still holding out hope that I'll discover a last-minute invite for Britney's big 27th B-day bash at Tenjune tonight. I mean, I went out and got a new top hat just for the occasion! But just in case my name doesn't show up on the guest list, I've already imagined how the festivities might go down — and if she's really serious about restoring her health and image, she might consider partying like it's 1999 again.

Oh, how we love to remember the 20th-century Britney. She was so young, so fit and, as far as we know, sober. If she intends on maintaining that hot bod she showed off today during her "Good Morning America" performance, she might consider laying off the liquor and sticking to her pre-millennium party mixers of choice: soda and juice.

We remember those crazy carbonated days because she allowed MTV News to shoot a slumber party she staged a few nights before the 1999 Grammys with girl group Innosense — another Lou Perlman pop creation that Brit was briefly a member of before she became famous on her own. In what was probably an attempt to get her former bandmates some extra MTV exposure, the not-yet-legal ladies slipped into their PJ's, tore open a few bags of Cheetos and talked about how hot Paul Walker was. Sadly, Innosense were never heard from again.


Happy 27th, Britney! Here's to you sticking to your new healthy ways. And what a difference a year makes! You rang in your 26th birthday with two people you've since cut out of your life: ex-"manager" Sam Lutfi and former personal assistant and self-proclaimed cousin Alli Sims. Hopefully, those circus days are over.