Robert Pattinson And Camilla Belle Seen Together Again -- Should Joe Jonas Be Worried?

Camilla Belle and Robert Pattinson

Last month, Camilla Belle found herself in the spotlight when it was reported that she was dating teen heartthrob and "Lovebug" video co-star Joe Jonas. Soon after, pictures surfaced of Joe and Camilla, along with Kevin and Nick Jonas, vacationing in Mexico. But things got complicated when Joe's ex Taylor Swift began telling the press that he left her for Camilla, a claim he later denied.

Then a week later, Camilla was seen cavorting with Robert Pattinson at the "Twilight" premiere in L.A. It was then discovered that the two were also seen together hanging out at another Hollywood function only a month before. The photos got everyone asking: Are Joe and Camilla over already, or are Camilla and Robert just friends?

The actors were photographed having lunch together again this past weekend in Venice Beach, California, by a photographer for Camilla and Robert are laughing in all the pictures, but they're also standing about a foot apart from each other in most shots. And Celebuzz's claim that Rob opened Camilla's car door for her hardly seems like hard evidence that this was a date.

Meanwhile, aside from their aforementioned Mexican vacation, Camilla and Joe haven't been seen in public together at all. Of course, last month, a source close to the pair told People, "They are not public about it, but they've just been hanging out with their friends and Joe's brothers. They are very private about it."

So, would you be worried if you were Joe?