Who You Callin' Weird? Luis Guzman Picks A Bone With An MTV Newser

By Elena Torres

Luis Guzmán is weird. Luis Guzman and Elena Torres

Yeah, I said it. I think he's a weirdo. I don't just call anybody weird. That's not what Luis will tell you, but he is a special breed. Luis will tell you that I call everybody weird, no matter what, all the time. I'm getting ahead of myself, I should explain the story.

All of this goes back to last weekend, when I interviewed the Puerto Rico native at a press junket for his upcoming film "Nothing Like the Holidays." In the movie, Luis plays that quintessential "weird cousin." We all have one — the cousin who always has some shady business hookup, has always been single and never quits hanging out. That's Luis in the movie, and really, who better to play the role? I know I'm being pretty harsh, but part of me is still bitter about my run-in with Mr. Guzmán.

When I told Luis I thought his character was weird (which he is!), he got really offended, and since we had an interview scheduled with him at our studio in a few days, he told me to wait until Monday, when he was really going to give me a piece of his mind.

He wasn't kidding. Luis let me have it, and the worst part is, it's all on video!


It turned out OK, though. As soon as his interview was done, Luis and I buried the hatchet. Then I made him take a picture with me, just so I could prove that I went head-to-head with one of the funniest comedians in film today, which is pretty cool.

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