Eagles Of Death Metal’s Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes Loves The Ladies

If you’ve ever had the chance to spend more than five minutes in the company of Jesse “The Devil” Hughes, the gloriously mustached Eagles of Death Metal frontman, then you know he’s a ladies man. The mistake I made yesterday — when four of us MTV Newsers met up with Hughes to discuss his thoughts on Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy — was not bringing along a crew full of burly men to shoot the interview.

You see, whenever we do in-person interviews, we send a gang of people to get the footage we need. Usually, this includes a person from production management, a segment producer, a shooter to work the camera and the person who conducts the interview (me). For Hughes’ interview, I was accompanied by three of the lovely ladies I work with, and as expected, Hughes couldn’t contain himself.

Throughout our 15-or-so-minute talk, Hughes simply couldn’t focus. He was like a kid with ADD on a sugar rush. Sometimes, instead of answering my questions, he’d turn to one of my co-workers, just to tell them how gorgeous they are. Or to request that she wink at him, seductively. He even tried to get all three ladies to attend the EODM show in New York last night, to no avail.

During the interview, Hughes thanked me for bringing along some eye candy for him to feast his eyes on. I told him it was unintentional, but that didn’t matter; he was still appreciative. It was an awkward interview, but at the same time, a hilarious one.

Let’s just say that, after yesterday’s interview, I’ve learned that the next time we get some face time with Hughes, I’m bringing a crew that looks like they could have been the Misfits, circa 1980.

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