Remembering 'TRL': MTV Staffer Recalls How Her After-School Favorite Shaped Her Life


You know how your parents like to sit you down and tell you stories about their misbegotten youth, hoping to share with you the excitement of their teen years? That's what I'm about to do as I remember "TRL." To sit here now, a decade after the show premiered and on the (almost) eve of its finale, and explain how that show changed my after-school life makes me feel old.

I remember being at a computer in the school library, supposedly working on a school project, and sneaking over to the "TRL" Web site to vote for the Backstreet Boys or Christina Aguilera. Heaven forbid I missed an episode! I had a friend who would tape important ones for me, in case I had to go to cheerleading practice or go to a creative-writing club meeting, so I wouldn't miss seeing my favorite stars get interviewed.

At the time, the show was hosted by Carson Daly, who embraced those awkward interviews. One that sticks in mind, even all these years later, is when Liam Gallagher from Oasis was on the show. Instead of answering Carson's questions, he remained fixated on the giant LG sign outside the studio window — you know, because it shared his initials. To think I could watch a show that embraced my passion for pop music and my love of uncomfortable rock star encounters seemed like a dream.

And, yes, I practiced in my room how I would present the news if I ever became my generation's Serena Altschul. So because of "TRL," I can sit proudly here today and fully enjoy writing about the exploits of the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. In a way, the show has defined me as much as my generation defined it. For that reason, "TRL," you will be missed.

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