One MTV Newser Comes Face To Face With Her Teen Crush: Gideon Yago

By Rya Backer

Gideon YagoWorking at MTV News for the past 10-odd months has provided me with worlds of stories I fully intend to tell my grandchildren.

There was that time I canoodled with the New Kids on the Block — OK, it was just Danny, and it involves a very awkward photo of me firmly grasping his index finger, but still. There was that other time I stayed up all day and night with one of my favorite new bands, Passion Pit. There was also that time I watched the "Project Runway" season-five finale in a leath-uh corset with Stella Zotis.

Fun people pass through these halls every day, like T-Pain (and his top hat), Hulk Hogan and My Morning Jacket. Some even walk through our morning news meetings. Next time, knock — OK, Taylor Swift?

(See Gideon talk about his first time, after the jump!)

It's safe to say that these occasions make me feel, and oftentimes look, like the giddy, MTV News-obsessed teenager I once was. I mention this because last week, worlds collided, and two MTV News correspondents from that landmark era in my life returned: Serena Altschul and Gideon Yago. I didn't dare accost the former (if you were wondering, she still looks all-knowing and angelic). But I did make the grave error of divulging to my boss, Ryan Kroft, that — like many young ladies who spent their last four years in journalism school, several of my co-workers included (Nicole and Jocelyn, don't think you're getting off scot-free) — I harbored a crush on Mr. Yago between the ninth and twelfth grades. Needless to say, it was the most embarrassing moment of my young adult life. Ever the modest gentleman, Gideon explained that I was among "about three others" who felt the same way. Then, I ran under my desk and wanted to die.


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