Protesters Bring Their Anger With Gay-Marriage Ban To The Mormon Church

Protesters of Prop 8By Elena Torres

"Welcome to California. Where chickens have more rights than I do."

That was one of the most common signs I saw yesterday at the Los Angeles Mormon temple. After a 2,500-person rally in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, thousands of protesters gathered once again outside the temple to express their outrage about the passage of Proposition 8 — a ballot measure that sought to amend the California Constitution to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry — and the church's involvement.

Check out our video from the protest, after the jump.

The Mormon Church was one of the largest contributors to the Yes on 8 campaign, donating more than $15 million. Protests have surfaced all over the state since Tuesday's election.

Men and women of all ages gathered outside the temple, shutting down Los Angeles' Santa Monica Boulevard. As a result, rush-hour traffic was even worse than normal — so bad that everyone was on their phones, bringing cell service to a standstill too.

MTV News talked to protesters outside the temple and got to hear what they felt about the situation, and one thing became clear: The majority felt they were standing up for equal human rights more than anything else.


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