Los Angelino Shoots Proposition 8 Protests In Hollywood

FROM YOURHERE.MTV.COM: As I left the first night of Coheed & Cambria’s historic four night run through Hollywood, I called my wife of 22 days to let her know the show got out early and I would be home sooner than expected. As I walked down the star studded street, with noisy news choppers overhead, she informed me that a gay rights protest had turned ugly at the famed intersection of Hollywood & Highland. Being a few (long) blocks away, I told my wife that I had to take a stand against the inequality of our state and would join my brothers and sisters in protest. I had to take a stand against the hate filled ***** who have left a rotten taste in my mouth. She wished me luck and I made my way towards the gathering.

As my very out of shape body sprinted down Hollywood Blvd, my mind was moving a thousand miles a minute. I thought about growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the impact that had on me. Gay teachers, neighbors, and my own brother have helped shape me into who I am today. Watching my brother grow up has proven to me that being gay (unlike oh lets say Christianity) is not a choice, but something you are born into. I thought about how much I love my brother, and how easy it was for my wife and I to get married a few weeks ago. Outside the marriage office where we obtained our license, we had immigrants passing out chapel information much like a ticket scalper tries to sell you tickets to a sold out show. They even fought over us, despite us letting them know we already had a venue booked. I took this for granted, truly feeling California would do the right thing a few days later at the polls. Boy was I wrong.

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