Brandy Helps MTV Dream Up A 'TRL' Replacement


Sometimes, when you interview a celebrity, you just click. When it happens, it can be golden. Take my interview with Brandy last week. Everything was pretty much going by the book, as we discussed her new album, her plans as an actress, etc. — but then we started brainstorming about our own TV show.

Brandy was waxing nostalgic about the end of "TRL." " 'TRL' is the show you dreamed of being on as a kid," she said. "I'll never forget the experiences I had. That's a question I've been thinking about. Like, where are we going to have our pop music? I'm sure something will be figured out. We've got to do something. This is our station. I don't know the answer. Do you?"


Thinking on my feet, I proposed, "Maybe we can get our own show." (People who know me know that I'm a ham.)

Brandy, much to my surprise, went along with the idea. "Yeah, like a Joce and Brand countdown," she said. "You wanna pitch that?"

"I think we just did," I said.

It was one of those interview moments that you hope for, when you and an artist have that unspoken connection that makes everything work better. We just vibed. Brandy was really cool and down-to-earth. She was super-sweet and had a great sense of humor about the whole thing.

Of course, I'm letting it all go to my head. But how could I not when Brandy told me, "You're a star"?

No, Brandy, you are! But I appreciate you being so nice to the little people. By the way, when do we start taping our pilot?