The 2008 Presidential Election In 60 Seconds!

It feels like the day after Christmas, doesn't it? Except the holiday season only lasts about a month, and this particular election season has dragged on for almost two years.

Back when it started, Democrat Tom Vilsack first filed papers with the FEC — and thus kicked off the race to the White House — Bob Barker was still hosting "The Price Is Right," CariDee was just about to win "America's Next Top Model" and America had not yet met Sanjaya.

Crazy, right?

And not only has it been prolonged, but it's been intense! With a campaign season that had more plot developments than the entire run of "Passions," it's hard to remember all the twists and turns the story took. Remember when Rudy Giuliani was considered a front-runner? Or what about when Joe Biden — a then-presidential candidate — got flack for calling Obama "clean?" And there was the Chuck Norris/ Mike Huckabee bromance! Jesse Jackson threatening castration! Hillary threatening scary 3 a.m. phone calls!

Watch Jim's video recap of the entire election, after the jump!

So when my bosses asked if it was possible to recap the entire presidential campaign in only 60 seconds, my first thought was far from "yes we can!" It was more, "What are you smoking?"

However, after many sleepless nights, a zillion revisions, and much-needed support from my talented colleagues, the segment is done.

Before we move on and start rebuilding the nation "block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand," as our president-elect said, let's take one final (and admittedly silly) minute to look back at how we got here on this historic day.

Obviously I couldn't squeeze in all of the news. Did I miss any of your favorite campaign headlines? Hit me up in the comments and let me know! (And, for the record, we made a second version of this segment in case Senator McCain emerged victorious. I like to think that it's my personal version of the "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN" newspaper.)


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