View From The Press: Watching Obama Make History

FROM YOURHERE.MTV.COM: I wondered if it was the same at the McCain site, but the Obama rally's press area looked like a United Nations congregation. Everyone in their own languages were talking about the importance of this election. One could sense their excitement about the upcoming event. Folks with huge cameras and tall ladders set up shop, and fought for a spot "against the rail." It made me feel like maybe they carried with them the same emotion their countries have for Obama--hope and excitement. One of the news crews had a cardboard cutout of Obama, and photographers crowded and took pictures as if that was their best bet of capturing a clear image of the presidential hopeful--just excited to get started with their important jobs of letting the public know what they were seeing, making sure that you too will see what we saw.

One reporter said "if we win tonight" I said "we?" He corrected himself and said "if Obama wins." I laughed and for a second I felt like we--all of the news crews back there--were all on the same team. They ran to the crowd, back and forth, after every cheer not wanting to miss anything. While I'm sure their quickness helped them capture the news for their employers, I got the feeling that they didn't want to miss anything because they wanted the night to be a complete "I was there" story to tell their grandchildren.

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