Election Day Ends With Spontaneous All-Night Parties

By Liz Nord

New Year's Eve had nothing on last night's celebration in Times Square. When Barack Obama was announced as president-elect, thousands of New Yorkers and tourists from all over the world roared with a collective cheer — and the party didn't stop all night long.

A group of us from the Newsroom stepped out from behind our computers and cameras to join the crowd as the final results were called — a momentary break from a long night of reporting. Illuminated by the enormous electronic billboards and LCD screens displaying the news, cheering people filled Broadway as far as the eye could see. Strangers were embracing, kids were break dancing, and New Yorkers were actually friendly.

Even when we returned to the 29th floor to start our overnight coverage of the results, we could hear the crowd continuing to cheer down below. And it wasn't just in Times Square. Reports from all over the five boroughs told of people running out of their homes and into the streets, to celebrate spontaneously with their friends and neighbors. In my neighborhood in Brooklyn, upwards of 1,000 people crowded the main drag, honking horns, shouting and dancing in the streets.


From spontaneous block parties in the historically black Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene to joyous mobs filling the streets in conservative pockets of rural Ohio, it seemed like the whole country was saying, "Yes we did."

So what was happening in your neighborhood last night? Share your experience in the comments area below or — even better — upload video at yourhere.mtv.com!