Los Angeles Voters Campaign To Keep Gay Marriage Legal

By Todd Brown

While driving through Los Angeles over the past few days, I have noticed that one proposition on the California ballot is getting more attention than any other: Proposition 8, an initiative that would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. You can't go more than a mile on the streets of L.A. without seeing a sign for or against the proposition.


(More about Prop 8, after the jump!)

First, a little history: Gay marriage has been legal in California since May, when a 4-3 California Supreme Court ruling declared that the state constitution protects a fundamental "right to marry" that extends equally to same-sex couples. But now, the backers of Prop 8 want to change that. A "yes" vote on Proposition 8 would amend the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

We hit the streets today in West Hollywood to find some people who are fighting the proposition. "I'm showing my [opinion] that everyone is equal; we should be allowed to marry who we want," 22-year-old Abram Garay said. "We should be allowed to marry who we love, and there shouldn't be rules or laws about it, because you can't do that when it has to do with love. This is who we are."

Abram spent most of his afternoon at a popular West Hollywood intersection with a sign encouraging everyone to vote "no" on Prop 8. Abram was joined on the street by many others with signs and banners, including three Los Angeles area pastors.

"It's all about God's love, and God's love for all people — equality for all," Pastor James Boline said. "Proposition 8 is just wrong. It is unfair to human beings, and we're out here to talk about this in terms of the church. There are so many Christians that are talking hate and exclusion. We want to be out to give a message of love and inclusion."