McCain Headquarters: Let's Get This Party Started!

McCain HeadquartersAt roughly 4 p.m., they started arriving. Great masses clad in navy blue suits, American flag ties and sensible formal wear. Overwhelmingly white, older men and women (and their kids), VIP passes in hand, packed into the Frank Lloyd Wright Ballroom at the Arizona Biltmore to watch election results trickle in and (they hope) to cheer John McCain on to victory.

About the same time, polls began to close in parts of Kentucky and Indiana, and early on, these Mac backers had plenty to cheer about: eight electoral votes in the bank, and a tight — but trending positively — race in Indiana.

The ballroom is beginning to hum, and nearby, special VIP VIP parties are beginning to get under way in rooms throughout the Biltmore. People are posing for pictures in front of the Straight Talk Express, snapping up $5 McCain/Palin "Victory" pins and beginning to assault the fully stocked bars. The line of limousines is beginning to overwhelm the valet team. Things are starting to happen. ... Finally.

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