John McCain Invites The Media To Stay On His Lawn

We've made it past miles of manicured lawns, golf courses and gated mansions to the epicenter of the McCain-iverse, the Arizona Biltmore, where in a few hours (or you know, like, 10), Mac will deliver a speech that's either gonna be a real barnburner or a certified bummer.

John McCain's lawn

McCain will deliver this speech on the lawn you see here (he got married on this same spot 24 years ago). ... Exactly four minutes ago they closed it off to the general public, and tonight, a lucky (and heavily credentialed) 2,500 will be ushered inside to watch it.

There's an entire sea of satellite trucks nestled around the corner, miles of cables stretched over every inch of lawn, and though it's early, the Straight Talk Express is already parked out front! (No word on whether that's Joe the Plumber's pickup parked next to it).

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