MTV Staffer Goes From Driving Britney Spears To Grilling Sarah Palin (Sort Of)

By Ashley Mastronardi

Hey, guys! Last time you heard from me was right after the 2008 VMAs, when I was Britney Spears' golf-cart driver. MTV's been letting me do more cool stuff, so last week I visited my alma mater, Townsend Harris High School in Queens, New York, to check out their presidential election simulation. I was impressed by their versions of Barack Obama, John McCain and Joe Biden, but it was the mini Sarah Palin, a.k.a. senior Barbara Cvenic, who stood out as, well, adorable.

"Something happens to me when I put on these glasses," Cvenic, a self-professed "quiet type," told MTV News. "I guess playing a different person makes it easier to be yourself and talk and be outgoing, because you have this mask."


But although her Palin impression has been getting raves from her classmates, Cvenic admits it's been difficult portraying the veep candidate. "I don't agree with just about anything she says," she said. "But it's good to see a different side of things. ... It's made me a stronger Obama supporter if anything."

And in a sea of Palin impersonators from Tina Fey and Gina Gershon to MTV's Street Team '08 member Sara Benincasa, how does Barbara think her "you betchya's" rank?

"I don't think anyone can do a better impression than Tina Fey," she said. "I couldn't tell the difference between her and Sarah when they were both on the show."

THIS JUST IN: The Harris election results have been tallied. The race was "close," but their Obama (Damian Charles) is the winner. Congratulations to all involved!

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