Diddy Works The Crowd At Manhattan Polling Station

Diddy votesBy Akshay Bhansali

OK, OK. The lines may be a bit of a pain as you queue up to cast your vote for the next president of the United States today. But if his Diddyness can muster up the spirit, so can you! And let's see you try to do it with 10 cameras following you.

Well, perhaps his trip was a bit expedited. In fact, once Sean Combs entered the Coalition School for Social Change, his polling station in Midtown Manhattan, his visit to the voting booth probably clocked in at around eight minutes. And during those eight minutes, Diddy did what he does best: electrify the room. Sullen, drowsy would-be voters were jolted awake. Frowns and droopy eyes were quickly replaced with smiles, hugs and flash photography. Combs was cordial and friendly as many, including an 80-year-old fellow marathon-runner, struck up conversation with the entertainment titan.

As he was ushered into the booth, Diddy asked, "Don't I need to sign in first?"

"Yes, yes, of course," an attendant sheepishly admitted, obviously having been so swept off her feet that she forgot to direct him to the sign-in table.

When Combs exited the voting booth, he let out a resounding "Yeah!"

And so it was done. Diddy came. He saw. He voted. And in doing so, he's made history. Sometimes making history involves a short wait in line.

Now it's your turn. Get out there, people!


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