Socially Conservative College Students, Aspiring Hip-Hop Artists: Election Morning In Arizona

Voting in ArizonaGood morning from Mesa, Arizona, where the air is clean, the streets are cleaner and every building looks like it was built in 1997.

We spent the early a.m. hanging out at a local polling station — the leasing center of the Mesa Royale, an "active adult community"— and met first-time voter Jessica Woods, a 21-year-old senior at Arizona State University and self-confessed "social conservative," who plans on running for state senate when she turns 35.

Woods said that she still has hope, even though many polls show Obama in the lead — "The polls show one thing, but Bush was down [before] he came out on top" — and also admitted that, despite being a pastor's daughter, she does plan on partying tonight should Mac pull it off.

"I don't party, but I'll hang out with some other Young Republicans tonight," she laughed. "I'm not all crazy like them, though. I won't do any shots."

We also met 23-year-old aspiring rapper Bradford Smith (stage name: "Bradford — just Bradford"), who was hanging out at the Mesa Royale, holding a sign for Lance Entrekin, a Republican running for the city's school board ("He's a good guy, he goes to my church," Smith said).

And though he's toting a sign for a Republican, Smith said he' supporting Obama, because the senator is the most "hip-hop" candidate.

"All you see is cats wearing Obama shirts," Smith said. "I love him because I think he understands hip-hop. It's a multibillion-dollar industry, so for him to become president would only take hip-hop further."

Smith declined MTV News' request to do a freestyle about Obama, for reasons not entirely clear.

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