Thirteen-Year-Olds Do Their Part To Get Out The Vote

Yes, voters hit the polls early, braving long lines to make their voices heard today. But even those who can't step into the booth are helping out. Our Pennsylvania Choose or Lose Street Teamer, Cassidy Hartmann, came across two 13-year-olds in Philadelphia hoisting a banner reading, "Don't forget to vote today." One of the students said his teacher asked them to go outside and remind people to vote. But his friend admitted, "At first, I wanted to get out of class." Although they aren't old enough to vote (and aren't fully decided on a candidate), they do understand the importance of voting this Election Day. So why were they there? Check out Cassidy's video to find out.

MTV News is at the polls in all 50 states — check out our coverage all day long on MTV and right here on Then, tell us why you made your voice heard and tell us why you voted. Comment below, upload video at, or text VOTE to 66333 with your first name, age, state and a comment about your experience, and your message will appear on our election map, and could appear on TV today!

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