Obama Vs. McCain: Who Do You Want On Your Fantasy Sports Team?

Chris 'Boomer' Berman and Senator John McCainBy Nicole Guanlao

It doesn't matter which teams are playing. Millions of people tune in to "Monday Night Football" every week for that one matchup because they love the game. What better way to reach those Americans — all the "Joe Six-Packs" and "Joe the Plumbers," not to mention many females — than by getting some face time in between all of the helmet bashing.

So, can you really blame Barack Obama and John McCain for putting on their game faces for an interview with Chris "Boomer" Berman the night before Election Day?

I love Chris Berman, but I agree with some of my colleagues and friends that ex-Chicago Bears coach and ESPN analyst Mike Ditka would have been a better choice. Republicans did consider picking Ditka as their candidate to run against Obama during the 2004 Illinois Senate race. Plus, have you seen Ditka during one of his tirades?! He can get a little scary.

I was already planning on watching the Washington Redskins take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, so a McCain/Obama interview was just an added bonus. The interviews were short, which is understandable since they aired during halftime. Surprisingly, there wasn't too much sports lingo. Boomer asked the two candidates what they would change about sports. Senator Obama said that college football should have playoffs, while McCain wants to stop the use of performance-enhancing drugs. My favorite part of both interviews had to be when Boomer asked Senator McCain what he wanted people to think of when they heard his name. The Arizona senator joked that he wanted them to think, "He ... could ... go ... all ...the ...way ... to ...the ...White ...House!"

Obama played basketball and McCain played football in high school, which got me thinking, "Would I choose the candidates to be on my fantasy sports team? If so, what positions would I put them in?"

My colleague Ashley Mastronardi's pick is Senator McCain "because he's a maverick," while MTV News editor Lee Dultz wouldn't pick either of the candidates.

"McCain would make a great referee. I can totally see him calling penalties all day long. Obama makes the team as my coach. As a matter of fact, he could replace Tony Dungy for the Colts right now. They're two of the skinniest men I have ever seen," Lee said.

My pick is Senator McCain. Sure, he's older, but he looks like he still has some spunk in him. He would probably make a great linebacker!

What do you think? Which one of the candidates would you put on your team?