Why Are You Voting? Let Us Know!

There are as many reasons to get out and vote today as there are citizens in these United States. For 26-year-old Elizabeth from New York City, it's all about civic duty. "As Americans, it is our responsibility to vote and make a choice," she says.

Kortnie, 22, in Big Lake, Arkansas, agrees: "I'm voting because I have no right to complain about the government if I don't."

For others, their vote is all about issues. For 20-year-old Kelly from Newark, Delaware, it's about choice. "I'm voting because I don't want Roe v. Wade to be overturned," she says.

Sarah from Norman, Oklahoma, is voting for the environment. "I voted to stop global warming," she says.

Why are YOU voting? Comment below, upload video at yourhere.mtv.com, or text VOTE to 66333 with your first name, age, state and a comment about your experience, and your message will appear on our election map, and could appear on TV today!

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