What Did Audrina Patridge Think Of Funny Or Die's 'Hills' Spoof?

By Shawn Adler

Audrina Patridge

All over MTV today, we've been wondering about the end game for "The Hills" with series co-star Audrina Patridge. Will there be a season five? Will there be a "Hills" movie?

We admit, though, that there is one possibility we don't even dare to consider, because the mere idea is so undeniably awesome: a "Hills" movie starring James Franco and Mila Kunis instead of L.C., Heidi and Audrina.

For the uninitiated, during the writers strike early this year, Franco and Kunis filmed a spoof for FunnyOrDie.com, in which they imagined a world without scripts. They read a transcript from "The Hills," with Kunis standing in for Patridge and Franco for her sometimes boyfriend Justin Bobby. The spot was hilarious, mostly due to the fact that the pair were mocking the "Hills" duo.

Later, Franco even laughingly told MTV News that he had so much fun filming the takedown that he wants a whole Justin Bobby movie.

So considering that the whole point of the piece was to make fun of Patridge and Bobby, any hard feelings? None for Patridge, who told us from the set of her new movie "Sorority Row" that she thought the clip was hilarious.

"Yeah, I saw [the Funny or Die clip], and a week after I saw it, I ran into Mila, and we just looked at each other and started laughing," Patridge said. "I thought it was really funny. They did a great job. James Franco [especially] was awesome."

Truer words were never spoken.

So we've got those two roles down. What other stars would you cast in a real "Hills" movie? Sound off below.