Only Four Jacksons On Upcoming Jackson 5 Tour

Michael JacksonOh Jermaine, when will you learn? Just days after the Jackson brother proudly declared (for, like, the 20th time) that the fabled Jackson 5, including Michael, would be reuniting for a world tour — "It's going to be a family affair," Jermaine told Australia's AAP news agency — Michael has said, Not so fast, J.

"My brothers and sisters have my full love and support, and we've certainly shared many great experiences, but at this time I have no plans to record or tour with them," MJ said in a statement issued by his spokesperson, Dr. Tohme. "I am now in the studio developing new and exciting projects that I look forward to sharing with my fans in concert soon."

Given her ongoing problems, we're going to go ahead and doubt Jermaine's claim that "Janet's going to open ... [and] we're in the studio, we're planning on being out there next year."

Can't wait to see what Tito, Marlon and Randy look like these days!